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The Workforce 2030 Industry Advisory Council (IAC) sets the strategic direction, selects priorities, and steers the plan to achieve results. (see more)

Industry Advisory Council

This plan is being produced with support from the Denali Commission, the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Alaska Workforce Investment Board, and the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development.


Alaska Safety Alliance

   Cari-Ann Carty
   Executive Director


Alaska Airlines

   Alessandra Frichtl
   Public Affairs


   Meg Smith
   Human Resources Manager

American Marine

   José S. Owens

   Operations Manager

 Alaska Telecom Association

   Christine O'Connor

   Executive Director

Pape Kenworth

   Kelly Droop

   Alaska Regional Manager

Providence Health Care - Alaska Region 

   Jamie Smith, M.Ed.

   Program Manager, Workforce Development
   and Apprenticeships 

Alaska Unlimited

   Melanie Walsh

   Executive Director

Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation

   Richard Camilleri

   CAO/Deputy General Counsel

Bristol Bay Native Corporation

   Carol Wren

   Senior Vice President,
   Shareholder Development

Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development

   Cathy Muñoz


   Nelson San Juan

   Deputy Commissioner

   Ginger Howard-Powelson

   OOC, Executive Secretary

   Dan Robinson

   Economist, Research Chief

Calista Corporation

   Brenda Pacarro

   Manager, Workforce
   and Shareholder Development

Doyon, Limited

   Robin Renfro

   Vice President, Human Resources  
   and Shareholder Outreach

International Union of Painters & Allied Trades District Council 5

   Bronson Frye

   Local 1959 Representative

Alaska Workforce Investment Board

   Dirk Craft


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